March 1, 2024

Accidents can take place at any location. These accidents may be minor harmless incidents or severe ones which can cause severe damage. The accidents causing injuries to the head and occurring at the workplace or work are termed as workspace injuries or occupational head injuries.

Causes of occupational head injury

Various incidents occur at the workplace that may be the reason to cause occupational head injury. Such different causes include the following. 

  • Walking or bumping into the object: These accidents occur when the worker walks up or directly bumps their head into the solid obstruction like the wall, glass window, cabinet, wall unit, etc. This bump or blow to the head may lead to head injury.
  • Falling objects: The worker may suffer a head injury if he is working and something falls on his or her head. This may happen when a co-worker accidentally drops something onto the worker’s head, causing the head injury.
  • Falling, tripping or slipping: There are many reasons like wet floor, slippery shoes which may cause a worker to slip, trip or fall, causing injury to the head. This type of occupational head injury is most common. 
  • Fall from above: When a worker is working above the ground , there are chances of falling if proper precautions are not taken. These falls can cause injury to the head. 
  • Not using proper protective gear: If a worker is not using the right protective gear while working, there is an increased chance of injury.
  • Improper handling of the machinery: If a worker fails to handle any equipment properly in a safe manner may lead to an accident that may cause damage or injury.
  • Inadequate training: Inadequate training on tools, equipment and procedures may also lead to injury. 

Preventive measures for avoiding workplace head injury

There are many reasons for accidents happening at the workplace. These incidents can cause occupational head injuries. These incidents can be avoided or minimized by taking proper precautions. Preventative measures that should be followed in any organization to avoid occupational head injury include the following. 

  • Alertness: The workers should be alert while working in any organization. This means that they should be aware of the things going around them. The worker should observe and listen to the things happening around them.  Workers should be aware of hazards  and take measures to prevent the accident. 
  • Be cautious: Workers should stay calm and careful while working. This will help the worker focus on their work. Any work done in a hurry may lead to accidents. Walking cautiously while using  stairs or ladders can reduce the incidence of falling. 
  • Create awareness: The worker should be aware of his work surroundings. He should pay attention to understand the potential source of hazards or accidents. He should be mindful of the location of overhead objects, which, if ignored, can cause a head injury.
  • Safety rules: There are safety rules and protocols set by each organization. Workers should be aware of these rules. Following the rules properly will help them avoid injury.  
  • Stay calm: Many accidents occur when the worker rushes or hurries to get the work done. Once the worker is cool, he understands what he needs to do, there are fewer chances of any mistake to occur, and thus accidents can be avoided. 
  • Use of protection equipment: Safety equipment is required for hazardous work environments.  Workers should use safety or protective gear like gloves, helmets, etc., the helmet will help prevent any sort of occupational head injury.
  • Provide safety training: The organization should provide safety training to all the workers to understand the procedures in their organization. The workers should understand the importance of using safety equipment.
  • Inspection and maintenance: The organization should carry out regular inspections and maintenance of their equipment and machinery to prevent any hazard or accident.
  • Adequate  staff: The organization should provide enough staff to work in a safe and consistent way. 

The organization should take different precautions to avoid accidents that may occur at the workplace, including severe occupational head injury.

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