October 1, 2023

Morales v. Zenith Ins. Co is a worker’s compensation case for TBI that highlights the importance of reporting injuries in a timely manner and the right to compensation for injured workers.

The story begins with Juan Morales, a construction worker who was injured on the job while working on a building site. One day, Juan was carrying heavy equipment up a flight of stairs when he tripped and fell, hitting his head on the concrete floor. Although he was in excruciating pain, Juan didn’t report the incident to his employer, thinking that the pain would subside on its own.

Days turned into weeks, and Juan’s pain only got worse. He began to experience severe headaches, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating, which affected his ability to perform his job. Finally, after several weeks of suffering in silence, Juan decided to seek medical attention. A doctor diagnosed him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which was likely caused by the fall on the job site.

Juan filed for workers’ compensation benefits to cover his medical expenses and lost wages. However, his claim was denied by Zenith Insurance Company, his employer’s insurance provider. The reason given for the denial was that Juan had failed to report the injury to his employer within the required timeframe.

Juan was devastated by the news. He had suffered a serious injury on the job, and now he was being denied the compensation he needed to pay for his medical bills and support his family. He knew he had to fight back.

Juan contacted an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, who helped him appeal the denial of his claim. The attorney argued that Juan had a reasonable excuse for the delay in reporting the injury, given that he didn’t realize the severity of his injury at first. He also pointed out that Juan had a good work record and had never before filed a workers’ compensation claim.

The case eventually went to court, where the judge ruled in favor of Juan. The judge noted that Juan had acted in good faith by seeking medical attention as soon as he realized the seriousness of his injury. The judge also pointed out that the purpose of workers’ compensation is to provide benefits to injured workers and that technicalities should not be used to deny them their rights.

In the end, Juan was awarded the workers’ compensation benefits he deserved, which helped him to pay for his medical bills and support his family while he recovered from his injury. The Morales v. Zenith Ins. Co case serves as a reminder that injured workers have legal rights and should not be afraid to seek Workers’ Compensation for TBI they deserve.